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Between The Lines: New album out now

‘Between the Lines’ is the first album from the exciting new collaboration between multi- ARIA Award nominated song writer Danny Widdicombe, and the experimental instrumental trio Trichotomy featuring Sean Foran on keys, John Parker on drums and Samuel Vincent on double bass. Danny plays guitar, pedal steel and sings. It works.

The intention was to emulate the recordings from the 1960s and 70s of singer songwriters like Van Morrison, Nick Drake, John Martyn and Richard Thompson who hired jazz musicians to improvise around their songs. But the result is at once more adventurous and arresting than many of those records. Just when you think you have a song pegged, this record takes a turn and escapes any easy definition. You’ll recognise strong notes of jazz and folk here, but mixed into the gumbo you’ll hear hints of country, soul, Hawaiian steel, and blues. Kristin Berardi and Danny’s daughter India add molasses smooth backing vocals, Dan Mansfield (The Gin Club, The Honey Sliders) augments with tasty Hammond pads, and Luke Moller layered strings from his studio in Austin, Texas.

Download Between The Lines here