Danny Widdicombe - Welcome

The Campfire Sessions at Lefty’s.

The Campfire SessionsMusic in the answer. Space is the place. The word is love. That’s what this site is all about.

I’m really excited about my latest project, The Campfire Sessions.

Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall on Caxton St, Brisbane have given me every Tuesday night to help build a community of like-minded music lovers to share, to care, and be aware of what’s happening in this wonderful world of ours.

The idea is: you turn up to lefty’s at 6.30pm every Tuesday and put your name on a list if you feel like playing 3 songs. There is a full drum kit, a bass amp, a guitar amp, an electric piano, you can plug in your acoustic, we can mike your accordion or banjo – you can do whatever you want!

Let’s make music together!

This is your chance to play on the infamous stage at Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall.

At 7.30pm I close off the list, and I’ll play a half hour set to warm things up, set the scene and make you all feel comfortable. Then it’s your turn! I’ll go and get you a free drink, some chips, hell, have a burger too if you want. Bring your friends, let’s make this something special.

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