The Honey Sliders

The Honey Sliders are a retro inspired groove / boogie group from the sub tropical boom town called Brisbane.

They’re best known for making people shake it down and feel good at their shows all over Australia. 

The Honey Sliders have been paying homage to their favourite albums and artists for over ten years – giving respectful and skilful renditions of Hendrix, The Stones, The Band, The Beatles, Cream, Easy Rider Soundtrack, and most recently, Neil Young’s classic album ‘Harvest’.

These shows have become a ‘must see’ on the calendar of music fans due to the high level of musicianship and stage craft.

Their next show is ‘1969 – Woodstock, The Moon Landing, Abbey Road and More!”. That show sees the Honey Sliders expand into a 9 piece band, delivering hits and rarities from the year that brought an end of the most tumultuous decade of the Twentieth Century.

In 2013, the multi award winning, and 3x ARIA award nominated songwriter and session guitarist Danny Widdicombe invited his mates Dan Mansfield (Keys, guitar) and Ben Carstens (drums) to join him on a musical adventure.

Along the way, they picked up musical hitchhiker Bos Borley, and became the band they are today, selling out theatres and playing their hearts out to music fans.

See you on the dance floor!