The Wilson Pickers

The Wilson Pickers are a formidable Australian group with an impeccable songwriting and playing pedigree.

Started in 2009 as a side project for Andrew Morris, Danny Widdicombe, Sime Nugent, Ben Salter and John Bedggood, the Wilson Pickers have since gone on to receive an ARIA nomination for each of their three albums, play major festivals throughout Australia and build a reputation for the very, very good time that is had by everyone at their live shows.

The Wilson Pickers play original folk and an Australian brand of old school country songs using bluegrass instrumentation.

They stand five men across the front of the stage and are renowned for their 5 part harmony singing and jovial attitude. Their shows are raucous, virtuosic, often spell binding and always fun. In 2018 the happy accidental side project that is the Wilson Pickers rolls on.

Their album ‘You Can’t Catch Fish From a Train’ (2016) features the raw ebullience for which The Wilson Pickers are known, alongside heartfelt reflections on some of what life has thrown at this band of deft musicians and close friends, each bringing their own talents and perspectives to the table while keeping their individual voices.

With the momentum of their three studio albums, the group’s skill and eagerness to have a great time playing music together has made them favourites at major festivals across the country. The group’s ability to straddle multiple genres saw crowds responding wherever they went. The fact that they’ve played everywhere from Tamworth to sharing the stage with The Black Keys is testament to their broad appeal. All this magic is captured on their latest release ‘LIVE!’.

Their last album ‘LIVE!’ is was recorded live at the 2017 Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival. Including songs from each of their three studio albums and E.P., ‘LIVE!’ captures the essence of what people have come to know expect from the band.out now through ABC Music / Universal Music Australia, on CD, Vinyl and digital download.