Danny Widdicombe is known for his work as a singer / songwriter as a solo artist and with his bands The Wilson Pickers and The Honey Sliders. He’s also known for his guitar work augmenting some of Australia’s biggest names, such as the current line up of The Go-Betweens, Bernard Fanning’s solo ventures, Tim Rogers and many more.

What might come as a surprise is that he’s also an avid producer of electronic ambient music. In 2001, Danny won the Tripe J National Remix competition, with his remix of Powderfinger’s hit ‘The Metre’. Since then he’s been noodling away in his home studio, Butter Chicken whilst also concentrating his musical abilities on all things guitar – until now.

Ambrosia is Danny’s first official release of electronic music. It’s an album of 2 long songs – the dark title track ‘Ambrosia’ stretches out to over 16 minutes and the lighter sounding ‘7am (Back to Reality)’ is almost 15 minutes long. Influenced by artists like The Necks and Bill Laswell, Ambrosia is a record to put on and dream away to. Both tracks are polar opposites – ‘Ambrosia’ is a piano, bass and percussion piece that builds to a retro synth crescendo. ‘7am (Back to Reality)’ is a steady, slow 808 beat  with psychedelic, emotive pads flowing underneath an improvised, clean and searching electric guitar.

The artwork for Ambrosia was painted by Danny’s daughter India Widdicombe. They have a new duo of Velvet Underground inspired tunes.

Ambrosia is available on all the digital formats – enjoy!

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